Weber Gas Grills

It is a well known fact the Weber gas grills are some of the best out there.

Weber Gas Grill

The grills are very well constructed. Weber grills are designed and crafted for the long haul. And its true, ask anyone that has had a Weber grill.

When you see a company with a grill like the summit gold 6 burner gas grills, expect good things from that company. These grills are just a thing of beauty. 902 sq. in cooking are, 57,600 BTW-per hour input. 12,000 BTW per hour input side burners.

Replacement parts. Part of the reason Weber grills last so long is because of how easy they are to maintain. By simply following the steps on their website to find out which grill model you have, you can easily find any replacement part you need. The parts are also relatively inexpensive. It only cost around 40 dollars for new burners or 45 for new cooking grates. That is a pretty good deal specially if you have had your grill for 5 years. Just like maintaining a car, as they get older you have to replace parts. Well same goes for grills.

Weber Gas Grill

Webster is a personal favorite. Webster gas grills are a durable well constructed grill with tons of features. Just because a cheaper no name brand has a smaller price tag doesn't mean you are saving money. It will not last as long as a Weber and in the end you will be needing to buy yet another grill in less than half the life of a Weber gas grill.


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